11:00-13:00 | Peoples issues on the new world disorder and renewed imperialist offensive

Roundtable Discussion on Fossil Fuel Investment in Southeast Asia
Organizers: Center for Environmental Concerns (CEC), Agham, Kalikasan, PNE, CPU, Agham Youth
Venue: University Hotel Seminar Room

Conflict is seen to rise as ASEAN member states strive to approve more fossil fuel projects in order to support the target of achieving the ASEAN Economic Integration by December 2015. In order to effectively launch campaigns against the fossil fuel industry in SEA, there needs to be an understanding of the drivers of the increasing fossil fuel dependence and the sources of support/finance are coming from. There is also a need to be familiar with the existing movements working on the topic to identify campaign areas not already addressed and possible synergies.

Building Effective Resistance Against the TPP (part 1)
Organizer: Asia Pacific Research Network (APRN), Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development (APWLD), Pesticide Action Network – Asia Pacific, KARAPATAN, Asian Peasant Coalition (APC), Health Alliance for Democracy (HEAD)
Venue: Bahay ng Alumni Main Hall

The TPP also relies on one of the most pernicious enforcement mechanisms for investment agreements: investor-state dispute settlement which enables corporations to sue governments for attempting to enact protections in the public interest, including health, environmental, and labour protections. Civil society from Asia Pacific and other global regions will be present at the IFPRS in solidarity with the people campaigning against the imperialist globalization agenda of the on-going APEC meeting. The IFPRS presents a valuable opportunity to further strengthening the campaign against TPP.

CineMaralita: A Film Festival about the Filipino Urban Poor
Organizer: Urban Poor Resource Center, Inc. (UPRCP)
Venue: Balay Kalinaw Conference Room

There is a need to reach out to other sectors, especially the academe and the studentry, in broadening the struggle of the urban poor for higher wages, jobs, housing and social services. Through this project, the URPCP is able to create venues for exchanges of ideas and experiences between the organizers, the audience, the filmmakers and the urban poor organizations and leaders. The event is also an income-generating project aiming to initiate and sustain community actions and projects to work for improving the socio-economic and cultural welfare of urban poor communities.

Commodification and exclusion: Neoliberal agenda for migrants and diaspora (part 1)

Organizers: Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM), International Migrants Alliance, Migrante International
Venue: National Engineering Center Seminar Room B

The neoliberal line of migration for development aims to obfuscate the fact that current migration including the continuing diasporas are caused by an economic and socio-political set up that causes and perpetuates gross inequality, severe exploitation, and widespread oppression. It promotes remittance generation while sweeping human rights concerns of migrants and diasporas under the carpet. It is in this condition that migrants and diasporas need to consolidate understanding on and challenge the migration for development framework and policies.

The Need to Unionize (Wages, Job Security)
Organizer: Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), WORKINS, International Migrants Alliance
Venue: Bahay ng Alumni Seminar Room

The liberalization of international trade champions presupposes and entails the promotion of cheap and repressed labor. The promotion of contractual labor is an addition to the various ways that big capitalists promote cheap and repressed labor. It is also one of the most important ways that big capitalists can press down wages, deny benefits and violate workers’ rights to unionize. It is also part of a whole package of measures known as the flexibilization of labor.

Peoples’ Demands for Paris and Beyond
Organizer: Global Peoples Surge (GPS)
Venue: Balay Kalinaw Seminar Room C

The 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) to the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) prepares to meet in Paris in December to come up with a legally binding post-2015 climate agreement that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit the global mean temperature rise to 1.5°C and prevent irreversible and catastrophic climate change. After more than two decades of negotiations, the official international processes failed to deliver climate justice. This, absence of political will, evasion of accountability, and divestment of state responsibility opening up to corporate capture of the climate agenda has only motivated a growing number of people to look for and assert an alternative framework that puts the interests of the people at the center of any resolution to the climate crisis.

Indigenous Youth & Elders Workshop on the Transmission of Indigenous Knowledge and Experiences on the Struggle for the Right to Self-Determination
Organizers: Asia Pacific Indigenous Youth Network (APIYN), Cordillera Peoples Alliance
Venue: Balay Kalinaw Seminar Room A+B

Indigenous peoples from various parts of the world have a long history of resistance and struggle for their right to self-determination. The stories of their martyrs, best practices and fight against various forms of development aggression have been passed on from generation to generation ensuring the continued development of indigenous knowledge and strengthening their ranks in their struggle for self-determined development.

Launching of the Philippine-Palestine Friendship Association
Organizer: Philippine-Palestine Friendship Association
Venue: Balay Kalinaw Seminar Room D

The Palestinian peoples struggle for liberation took centerstage after continued attacks from Israeli forces in Gaza and other parts of the Occupied Territories in Palestine. Their struggle serve as an inspiration for various social movements around the world – including the Philippines. In the face of intensified imperialist attacks agains the peoples of Palestine and the world, it becomes ever more urgent to strengthen the peoples solidarity for genuine system change.